What We Offer
We are major suppliers of high quality products in various kind, we offer a wide range of recycling needs for both cosumer and industrial uses, all our products exported undergo thorough sorting procedures, to eliminate various contamination. Contact us today if you are interested in any of our products listed below.
ABS Scrap
Aluminum Wheel Scrap
Aluminum Extrusion 6063
Aluminum UBC Can
Aluminum Ingot Scrap
Aluminum Radiator Scrap
Bobb Films Scrap
Catalyst Converter
CD-DVD Scrap
Copper Cable Scrap
Copper Millberry Scrap
Electric Motor Scrap
EPS Block
HDPE Drum Regrind
HDPE Milk Bottle Scrap
HDPE Milk Botlle Regrind
LDPE Film Scrap
LDPE Film Roll
Oak Barrel Scrap
OCC Scrap
ONP Paper Scrap
PET Bottles Scrap
PET Bottle Flakes
PMMA Acrylic Scrap
PU Foam
PVC Medical Scrap
PVC Scrap
Used Clothing
Used Laptop
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