abs computer scrap- Scraps Industries Inc.


Are you seeking for ABS computer scrap or any other type of ABS plastic or regrind? And then you are welcome to our premises as there are multi advantages of partnering with us. However, we established in 1993 and export several types of plastics, fortunately, ABS computer scrap includes. Our establishment took place with the aim to be your most trusted partner when buying and selling of ABS computer scrap are involved.

Furthermore, besides the ABS computer scrap, we have varied on ABS plastic and it include; ABS plastic scrap from Television, ABS from car body and etc.  With massive experience in the industry, we understand our customers and understands their needs and moreover, we endeavor to provide our customers with best of quality; as satisfaction of our customers has been our main priority. Talking about price, our prices are very competitive as we are the direct suppliers along with the vision to be your most trusted partner. Geographically, we ship and deliver globally, and we serve recyclers as well as traders. So, are you a trader or recycler looking for ABS computer scrap or other ABS plastic scrap? And then you are welcome to our company.  Finally, kindly contact us using our sales listed email below or via website contact us form, so we may have chance to cooperate with your esteem company. 

“We also trade in Aluminum can scrap, Copper Millberry Scrap, Electric Motor Scrap, HDPE Drum and more”