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How to Find the Best Quality Paper Scrap in the US?

The recycling industry plays a crucial role in the environmental preservation as well as economic stability. Metal scrap and paper scrap are still in high demand despite the uncertain market. If anything, the current health crisis has opened the eyes of manufacturing companies to turn to recycling in order to save money on production costs and while helping save the environment.

The good news is that there are reliable recycling centers and scrap facilities where companies can source high-quality scrap. You just need to find them. Are you on the lookout for high-quality paper scrap? Then these tips are for you:

  • Determine the type of paper scrap you need

What kind of paper scrap do you need for production? There are two types of paper scrap that you can buy: OCC or old corrugated cardboard/containers and ONP or old newspaper. OCC scraps are packaging materials that are made with 50% recycled fiber. You can use them for manufacturing new corrugated boards or create boxboards and other products. Meanwhile, ONP scraps are materials used for making different kinds of paper products.

  • Find an established supplier

You are more likely to find high-quality paper scrap from a larger recycling company. These companies tend to have the machinery and technology to ensure that the paper scraps are processed and recycled to the highest standards.

  • Consider the company‚Äôs experience

If they have been in the scrap industry for years and have established a good reputation, then that means they are trustworthy. You can expect that they will deliver on time. You can also tell if a company has plenty of experience by the way they treat their clients. If their staff is friendly and prompt in answering your questions, then the company must be reliable.

  • Get quotes from different suppliers

To find the best deals, ask for quotes from different suppliers and compare their offers. Make sure that these recycling companies are all reputable.

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