Electric Motor scrap- Scraps Industries Inc.


Scrap electric motors can be avail at our company at very competitive prices, as these are directly selling by us. Are you looking for electric motor scrap or type of ferrous/nonferrous metals? And then you are welcome to our company. Recycling is an important environmental as well as economically aspect of it to any recycler. So, at our company, we help Electric motor scrap to find its way to recycling wherein which it will be significant and be used for reproduction of varies item.

Furthermore, we have dedicated ourselves to be a potential supplier you can rely on. Nevertheless, we have contributed numerously towards the industry, helping thousands of companies to achieve their dream. Our establishment took place in 1993, along with our headquarters at Manassas Park, Virginia. We have over twenty (20) warehouses in the states, making us lead when it comes to the industry. These of electrical motor scrap contains 10-12% of copper winding and also, we have alternators scrap available also.  Furthermore, these were sourced across the country as we have thousands of local vendors whom have dedicated themselves to be a potential provide of these electric motor scrap. We Geographically, we ship and deliver globally; and also, we serve recyclers as well as traders. So, are you a trader or recycler looking for scrap electric motor? And then you are welcome to our company. Finally, for more information about the electric motor scrap, kindly contact us along with your requirement, using below listed email or website contact us form, so we may have chance to cooperate with your esteem company.

“We also trade in PMMA acrylic scrap, PU Foam Scrap, LDPE Film Scrap, HDPE Drum and more”