How Can You Find Polyester Film Scrap in the US?

How Can You Find Polyester Film Scrap in the US?

Are you a polyester film scrap buyer in the United States? You may have a bit of trouble finding the material. It’s not that polyester film scrap is rare, but it’s hard to choose a reliable supplier.

In fact, polyester film scrap is all over the place. You may recognize it by a different name: PET. It’s used to manufacture everything from water bottles to food containers, and you surely have a few of those at home. Don’t throw them away yet you can always recycle them and do your part in saving the environment.

As a polyester film scrap buyer, you have several factors to consider before settling for a supplier:

The recycling process

Polyester needs to undergo proper recycling process before it can be repurposed into new products. The standard procedure consists of collecting and sorting from material recovery centers, pre-washing to remove contaminants, and manually remove any labels.

Once these steps are over, the PET products are ground into small particles or flakes. They may undergo additional processes such as washing and air classification to clean the material further.

After recycling, the newly-cleaned polyester can be made into carpet fiber, t-shirt fabric, athletic shoes, and even luggage and upholstery.

The quality

Does quality matter even if it’s a recycled material? Of course, the polyester needs to be just as good as it was manufactured the first time. Polyester film scrap buyers must ensure that the material is reliable enough to be fashioned into new products, and low-quality PET won’t cut it.

You should also consider physical factors like size, color, and grade, all depending on your manufacturing needs.

The supplier

There’s only one way to get high-quality recycled PET is to find a good supplier. Ensure the company has been in the industry for decades, serving clients from all over the world. Plus, it’s best to find suppliers that offer products at a reasonable price!