Where to get the Best-Quality Aluminum Radiator Scrap

Where to get the Best-Quality Aluminum Radiator Scrap

Copper and aluminum radiator scraps from cars are often recycled for cash in many local scrapyards. These are the very place you should be looking for if you are replacing your car's old radiator with a used one. Why should you opt for aluminum over copper made radiators? Because they are generally cheaper as they don't contain copper tubing within them. They are also more resistant to damage so they can provide better value for your money.


But how do you make sure that you are getting the best quality aluminum radiator scrap? Follow these tips.


  • Find the right scrap yard:

If you want to get a high-quality aluminum radiator scrap, buy only from the leading scrap yard in your locality. In case you can't find one, search online. Make sure to do some background checks on every potential supplier. Find out about their experience, the number of years in the business, and registration. Also, read client testimonials. That can help in ensuring you are dealing with a legitimate company.


  • Buy the right type of radiator:

It's easy to find an aluminum radiator scrap for sale at scrapyards and even online. However, be sure to search for the right type of radiator your vehicle needs. You don't want to purchase an old crossflow radiator when you need a downflow radiator because that won't work. To avoid making a mistake, search for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) number on your car's current radiator. You may also call the dealership that sold your vehicle to retrieve the OEM number. Tell the scrap yard company the OEM number so they can provide you with the right type of radiator.


  • Inspect the replacement:

Before paying, check the replacement part. The radiator should not have bent mounting brackets; otherwise, it will be difficult to install. Take note that corrosion and stripped paint are some indicators of past leaks and damage.